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Aired: 2016-11-21 03:00:00 0:30 Rating: TV-PG

"The World is Yours" looks at the art of sampling and the musical revolution it inspired.

About the Episode

The sixth episode of Soundbreaking looks at a musical revolution that was not only inspired by recording but born from its history: the art of sampling––a kind of musical equivalent of Adam's rib.  Beginning with the pioneers of hip hop (Afrika Bambaataa, Chuck D, Rick Rubin), the episode tracks the way in which the practice of borrowing fragments from existing records created a new genre––a potent musical form that emerged from the margins, up-ended the establishment, and set in motion a controversy over copyright that has yet to be resolved.

Beastie Boys with producer Rick Rubin.Beastie Boys with producer Rick Rubin.Courtesy of Josh Cheuse

Featured Stories

  • The rise of hip hop in the Bronx
  • Run-DMC and the first rap/rock single, “Walk this Way”, a collaboration with Aerosmith
  • The rise of Public Enemy
  • The Beastie Boys come on the scene

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